We’re Hiring

We’re Hiring
February 5, 2024 Beth Wolford
Attention Everyone:
Pekin Housing Authority is currently hiring for 2 Maintenance Mechanic I positions. Read below for our job description, and if this sounds like the position for you — please apply at:
Express Employment Professionals
Job Description:
This position involves the performance of semi-routine and diversified duties in connection with repairs to and maintenance of buildings and grounds requiring many basic skills, such as carpentry for woodwork repairs, minor plumbing repairs, electrical and painting work. The employee is expected to have knowledge of and manual skills in repairing such items as leaky faucets, plugged drains, replacement of electrical outlets and switches requiring 110 volts only, drywall repair, painting, replacement of storm door hardware, minor appliance repairs, preventative maintenance with HVAC equipment, and other minor repairs required to prepare vacant units for occupancy. In carrying out a full set of maintenance duties, employee may be required to work under hazardous and adverse conditions.
Reports To:
Executive Director or other senior supervisor on work associated with the maintenance and repairs to buildings, apartments, grounds, and equipment.
Primary Functions (may/may not perform all of the following duties):
1. Understand and practice safety measures in all aspects of duties.
2. Respond to work order requests and call-in work orders when deficiencies are observed.
3. Alternate being on call with other maintenance staff for one week at a time to respond to emergency requests from tenants that occur after normal working hours.
4. Minor repairs to plumbing fixtures and pipes, such as toilets, sinks, drains, valves, and controls.
5. Minor repairs/replace electrical switches and outlets.
6. Patch holes in drywall and paint.
7. Minor repairs to windows, screens, doors, door frames, locks, and mailboxes.
8. Minor repairs to mechanical equipment, such as snow blowers, power mowers, hedge clippers, and other pieces generally used by the maintenance staff.
9. Independently perform a wide range of building and grounds repairs and maintenance functions, frequently calling for physical exertion.
10. Perform ground maintenance.
11. Perform safety inspections at Golden Arms Apartments, PHA-owned playgrounds, and other properties as assigned.
12. Repair, replace, and install floor tile, carpeting, etc.
13. Assist in moving heavy objects, such as refrigerators, stoves, etc.
Secondary Functions:
1. Attend training sessions and learn new procedures as required.
2. Perform other related duties as required.
Qualifications and Experience:
1. Must have a valid Illinois driver’s license and proof of insurance.
2. Must have own transportation.
3. Basic understanding of carpentry, heating, plumbing, and electricity.
4. Ability to perform minor carpentry, heating, plumbing, and electrical repairs.
5. Knowledge of materials and equipment used in building and ground maintenance.
6. Skilled in the use of hand tools and equipment generally used in building and grounds maintenance.
7. Ability to operate a utility tractor, utility vehicle, and other power equipment.
8. Ability to operate motor vehicles, (pick-up truck).
9. Ability to perform basic maintenance and repairs of buildings, grounds, and equipment.
10. Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
11. Able to relate well with tenants, management, staff, and public.
Physical Requirements:
1. Ability to lift heavy objects up to 50 pounds.
Environmental Requirements:
1. May be required to work under hazardous and adverse conditions such as sleet, snow, heat, cold, dust, dirt, cramped quarters, and high places.
Thank You,
PHA Management
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