General FAQs

  • What criteria must I meet to be eligible for public housing?

    In order to be considered for public housing, you must be income eligible and meet our established tenant guidelines. Various factors play into our decision-making process; however, we understand each situation is unique. That is why we try to look at the big picture for each applicant and understand his or her unique circumstance. Please keep in mind that a background check, credit history report and information from previous landlords will all be considered during this process.

  • What documents are required?

    All applicants are required to present an original Social Security card and birth certificate for all household members during the application process. Adults must also present a photo ID.

  • Can I apply for assistance if I have a felony on my record?

    Acceptance is dependent on several factors. There are some offenses that cause a lifetime ban for living in public housing. Other factors that will affect your ability to live with us include, but are not limited to, the nature of the offense, when the last offense occurred and how long you have been off probation or parole.

  • Is there a waiting list for housing?

    Yes, all apartments are filled from our waiting list. Please note, just because your name is on the list does not mean you have been approved for residency. We begin the verification process when your name gets closer to the top of the list.

  • How do I find out my position on the waiting list?

    Once your name has reached the top of the waiting list, you will receive a letter from our office along with a packet of information which needs to be completed and returned to our office. You may call our automated applicant inquiry system at (309) 347-9685 to determine your position on the waiting list at any time. Make sure you maintain current application contact information with our office so we know where to reach you.

  • Is there any special consideration for someone with an urgent housing need?

    The Housing Authority does not provide for immediate housing needs.  Persons who are in need of urgent housing are referred to the Salvation Army and Carol’s House of Hope.

Public Housing FAQs

  • Are pets allowed in the public housing apartments?

    Yes, please refer to our pet policy for more information.

  • Are window furnishings provided?

    Blinds are provided for most apartments.

  • How large are the apartments?

    Our apartments range from one to four bedrooms. Please refer to our property floor plans for specific dimensions.

  • How much is the rent?

    Rent is based on household income. Thirty percent of your gross adjusted income will be charged for rent and utilities. Working families may elect to pay the flat rent assigned to each apartment type.

  • Are utilities included in my rent?

    Utilities are included at our Golden Arms apartments. All others receive a utility allowance you can use to pay your own bill. This allowance is reviewed yearly, looking at average rates of consumption for each bedroom size for the complex.

  • Are any apartments handicap accessible?

    We have a variety of handicap accessible units to meet resident’s needs, whether you are in a wheelchair, have mobility issues, or are blind or hearing impaired. We can also modify our apartments to meet certain needs. For example, we can install a light that turns on when the phone or doorbell rings for those who are unable to hear it.

  • Do the apartments have air conditioning?

    Yes, all units have air conditioning that is provided by the Housing Authority.

  • What appliances are furnished?

    Ranges and refrigerators are provided in all apartments.

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